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The new episode of Qumi-Qumi show is finally available on Newgrounds: "Robot"!

Check out the new episode "Robot"!

The new episode "Robot" is coming soon! We wish to show it in the very beginning of August! Yeeeah!!!

The new episode "Robot" is coming sooooon! )))

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2013-07-12 13:03:23 by Toonbox

Hooray!!! The new episode "The Third Eye" was two times awarded by as "Movie Of The Year 2013" and as "Daily Feature"! We are very proud of this fact!

Review Crew Pick

Qumi-Qumi, episode 5 "The Cloudies"

2013-04-05 12:19:37 by Toonbox

Juga gets on the sky inhabited by paunchy cloudies. They are dancing all day long - Elvis Presley, the king of rock-n-roll himselft is singing for them. Juga soon finds out that Elvis is only a prisoner of the cloudies. Juga decides to help him escape.