Shaman's Quest — The final episode

2015-01-14 08:51:46 by Toonbox

This is the last true-flee-story about shaman Tuk, his dog, his wife, his world, etc. We hope to find resources to make the next season one day. Thank you for being with us!



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2015-01-14 11:20:03

It's sad to say goodbye to such a fun world with awesome and silly characters but at least hope remains for another season. Kickstarter perhaps? Either way, thank you all for such a great series and having taken us for the ride.

Toonbox responds:

Thank you! We will try with Kickstarter. Probably, we have chance to collect the funds to continue...


2015-01-14 18:27:23

If not Kickstarter, there is Indieagogo.


2015-01-15 21:32:59

How about Flattr?


2015-05-20 16:43:22

Just wanted to drop in and say my kids have been watching all your Qumi-Qumi episodes in the Angry Birds theater and they love 'em!

Toonbox responds:

Thanks, Tom! I am really very glad to hear it! )))))
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